The Benefits of Table Tennis for the Mind: Here’s Why You Should Play

Written by: Lisa J. Ritchie / Gosports Reviews

Table tennis is not only a good exercise for the body, but for the mind as well. You might not know it, but there are benefits of table tennis for the mind, which can easily convince you to make this sport a part of your daily routine. Best thing is that it can be played indoors, so you can enjoy it even at the comfort of your own home.

If you need more reasons to be convinced that table tennis is a great sport that offers tons of health benefits, keep on reading the rest of this post as we list down some of the reasons how it is good for your brain.

It Makes You Alert

Alertness is one of the benefits of table tennis for the mind. It is a fast-paced sport, which also means that you should keep your focus. When you are concentrating, it is easier for you to stay alert. This also allows the hands and the eyes to coordinate, knowing how they can move based on what is being alerted by your brain.

Through playing table tennis, you will become more attentive. It will provide you with increased aerobic exercise, and in turn, will let you harness your ability to shift your attention and maintain your focus. Your eyes will be fixed on the ball, thinking of what will happen next, and hence, making you more alert.

It Improves Strategy

Table tennis is one of the sports that will help in the improvement of your strategic thinking. In this sport, you anticipate the shot of your opponents. You are attentive to their every move, including how they hold the ping pong paddle.

When you play table tennis, you are using the pre-frontal cortex of the brain. This is in the front lobe of the brain, which is the one that is responsible for decision-making. It also stimulates the hippocampus, which speeds up brain activity so that you can instantly respond to the attack from your opponents.

It Strengthens your Memory

Especially for people who are aging, ping pong will be an excellent sport of choice basically because it is going to sharpen your memory. It is believed that it is going to result in an increase of brain-derived neurotrophic factor. Simply put, this is a protein that promotes the survival and growth of cells in the brains, preventing memory loss amongst seniors.

According to Wendy Suzuki, a professor at the New York University who teaches neural science and psychology, table tennis is an aerobic exercise that keeps your heart rate going. In turn, this improves the different functions of the brain, and that includes memory.

It is also worth noting that in one research published at the International Journal of Table Tennis Sciences, it has been revealed that ping pong can delay the onset of early dementia, making it a great sport for seniors.


From the things that have been briefly mentioned above, it should be clear by now that the benefits of table tennis for the mind are astounding. More than its mental benefits, it is a sport with a low risk of injuries and can be played anywhere. With all of these, you should have more than enough reason to start playing ping pong today!

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