The 25th Cape Fear Open

25th Cape Fear Open Winners
By: Tim Connelly / Nov 6, 2017 / Images by: Earl Moniz

The 25th Cape Fear Open took place Saturday, Nov. 4 in Fayetteville, North Carolina and for many of us, there was a déjà vu feeling about the tournament that almost made you think you’d been there before.

There was the great camaraderie between all these tough competitors that you just don’t feel anywhere else. There was the efficient way it was run by tournament master, Richie Perez. There were the ultra entertaining matches between Tim Connelly and Jim McQueen that made you feel like you were in a time warp- I mean- when’s the last time you saw an entire match between guys with a combined rating of close to 3700 without seeing even one loop? They both hit the ball from side to side while playing excellent defense and cutting unforced errors down to a minimum. Long rallys and long games (there were 3 deuce games out of the 7 with one going 19-17) ruled both of their matches with Tim coming out ahead both times and taking 3rd Place.

25th Cape Fear Open

But of course, the thing we’ve all experienced before- not once, not twice but 10 times- is the championship form of Gregg Robertshaw. Gregg beat Laurence Nadeau in the finals in an entertaining match where Gregg once again did what Gregg does. After having beat Laurence in 5 games- actually having to come back from 2 losses in the first 3 games- to win the number #1 seed, Gregg used his serving and spin advantages to take the finals 3 straight.

Laurence once again proved too tough for Tim, making a strong comeback from 6-1 down in the 4th game while down 2-1 before closing Tim out in the 5th. Gregg beat Hall of Famer Jim McQueen to set up the final.
There were other outstanding matches. Fred van Nynatten took a match off Ralph Guillory for the first time and grabbed some rating points in the process. The big winner for the day in the battle for points was Glenn Goodrick who picked up close to 500 points with wins over Fred and Jay Nelson. He not only had some outstanding wins but played everybody tough. Congratulations Glenn!

Tony Murnahan and Mke Babuin played some outstanding matches with Mike picking up a nice upset win over Laurence and Tony with an upset win over Mike Babuin.

25th Cape Fear Open - B-Group Winners

In the B division, the champion was the very well deserving Jay Nelson who came all the way from West Virginia. He beat Joe Linkous of Richmond in the final. Myrtle Beach took both 3rd and 4th with Justin Foxworth and Matt Worrell taking the honors.

25th Cape Fear Open Youth

Although all of us want our shot at Gregg, he continues to outwork us and on game day- outplay us. Father Time is undefeated so Gregg at 61 may start showing some vulnerability in the future. Unless Gregg decides his next victim is going to be Father Time himself. Hey- this is Gregg Robertshaw- I wouldn’t put it past him!

View the all the results from the 25th Cape Fear Open here:

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